Hiking in the Rocky Mountains offers immense beauty.  From snow capped mountain vistas to the delicate colorful flowers, beauty is everywhere. Hiking is such a sensory experience from the sweeping vistas and warm sunshine to the smell of the mountain air. When I hike I like to lag behind and appreciate the details while photographing flowers. The Colorado wildflowers offer a range of colors and shapes that are unmatched. I usually just have my iphone with me so these are unedited images. I wanted to share my Colorado wildflower highlights for all my botanical friends out there to enjoy. If any of you know me, you know I love flowers!! Feel free to let me know if I have any of the names wrong. 






Pasque Flower

Mountain Iris

Calypso Orchid

Red Columbine

Crimson Columbine

Mariposa Lily

Blue Flax


Mountain Iris

Yellow Coneflower

Wood Lily

Yellow Columbine

Fleabane or Aster

Red Indian Paintbrush


Colorado Columbine

Red Indian Paintbrush


Yellow Coneflower

Elephant's Head

Broad-tailed Hummingbird