In Estes Park fighting elk are a fairly common sight around town and Rocky Mountain National Park this time of year. Yesterday two fighting elk in Estes Park blocked traffic in both directions on Highway 7.  Local police tried to move them off the road by using their sirens, horn and trying to push them with their car. They tried their best, but it is hard to stop these determined creatures, especially during the rut.  Those bulls just kept on fighting and kicking up dust. The traffic was stopped and all the tourists had their phones out taking photos and video.  Bulls battle each other during the Fall to try to acquire cows for their herds.  Hormones are raging so lookout for these huge creatures when you are out and about. Here is an interesting fact about Elk: They can weigh up to 900 lbs. and their antlers are 40 lbs of that. More elk facts can be found here.

Estes Park Fighting Elk