Hiking on Homer Rause

A perfect Colorado day for me includes a hike.  As the temperatures rise and we start getting more snow melt it means more streams running down the trails.  I took my dogs out hiking yesterday on Homer Rause, which is located South of Fish Creek Road.  Round trip from the trail head to Baldpate and back is around 3 miles.  It is a great dog friendly trail that starts out on a gravel road and turns off into the forest and ends up traversing up Twin Sisters Mountain toward the Baldpate Inn.   With the run off on the side of the trails there are mud puddles everywhere and my puppy discovered them. I took this video of one of the puddles she played in, she was like a small child jumping and splashing around. It’s a dog’s life in Estes Park, Colorado .

When I wasn’t managing muddy dogs I was looking for flowers. Once the snow melts it is time to look for the Pasqueflowers. These are the first flowers to emerge in the Spring, light lavender delicate blooms, sunny yellow centers with stems that are densely covered with silky hairs, helping to insulate it from the cool temperatures. If you click on the image you can see the amazing detail on these flowers.